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Rock On, Queens of Noise: 10 MORE Killer Heavy Metal Frontwomen

Mike McPadden
March 31, 2015

Lee Aaron
“Metal Queen”

Canadian firebrand Lee Aaron stormed forth from the Great White North of Rush, Anvil, and Voivod in 1982 with The Lee Aaron Project, a bracing, take-no-prisoners debut after which the power-piped begat the era-defining albums Metal Queen (1984) and Bodyrock (1989).

Evolving through the post-grunge commercial metal drought of the ’90s, Lee formed her own record labels and issued multiple releases that expanded her own versatility to include alternative rock and a wide range of jazz formats.

Today, Lee Aaron remains in demand as a knockout performer in all her chosen genres, regularly belting out songs and blowing away fans at rock, metal, and jazz shows—and sometimes a combination of all three!

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  1. I loved, loved, loved Metal Queen! And Hands On and Whatcha Do To My Body. I think you are a great singer and love the fact that when I was a teenager, you taught us girls that we could be strong and tough and cool! And it was nice that you taught us that boys were eye candy! One day I hope to get the opportunity to see you live. Until then I will teach my daughters that girls can be strong, rock out and take advantage of hot boys!

  2. ​I think the entire Metal Queen album is *severely* underrated. I mean, top to bottom, it’s just filled with this deep, dark, powerful sound along with really serious subject matter such as that of “Steal Away Your Love”. It conveys this sort of ambience that captures the true essence of Toronto life (urban life in Canada) in the early 80’s. I mean, long after the song Metal Queen wore out it’s welcome in my repertoire, the rest of the songs took over and to this day, especially for my workouts, I cranked the B’hesus out of Got to Be The One, Deceiver, Hold Out, Steal Away Your Love, and Lady of The Darkest Night, and let me also throw in Barely Holdin’ On and Only Human from Call of The Wild and “Lee Aaron”. The passion in those songs in particular is smoldering. I mean, I still get goosebumps and I love LOVE her voice!

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