“Tom Boy” Video

“Tom Boy” is the first video and single from Lee Aaron’s new album, Fire And Gasoline, available everywhere on March 25. It was penned for Aaron’s daughter and was inspired by the fearless, unself-conscious energy of pre-teen girls. The video features Aaron’s daughter (on guitar) along with her school friends as Aaron’s backing band. “It was incredibly cool watching the girls pick up the song as well as the instruments in an afternoon and give the performance they did. Off camera, we were all eating pizza and clowning around and that joy translated onto the screen. It really captures the essence of the tune.” Lee, a fan of vintage film and video, wanted the girls to have that ‘Jailhouse Rock’ look. Director Brian Sword captured the fun energy perfectly.

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  1. This is a great song.

    Emily, Sarah (& Stephanie) are sooooooo excited for the new album and are eagerly anticipating seeing you play live again in the not-too-distant future!

    Keep Up the GREAT Work and we’re looking forward to bringing another little Lee Aaron fan into the world this coming August…

    1. Great question!

      Love to purchase a vinyl copy! Begrudgingly preordered the CD via the Amazon.com link… would have rather preordered through Lee Aaron’s online store (having no autograph option seems like a missed opportunity.) No Canadian iTunes preorder as of yet.

      Emailed the webmaster/management three weeks ago and was hoping to hear something back from them. New album “available everywhere” March 25th… as preordering via Amazon.com doesn’t appear to offer anything more than the CD (and lengthy shipping to Canada, in my experience!) and being that the current preorder price via Amazon.ca is a whopping CDN$ 19.29 + tax & shipping, perhaps it would be best to pick up “Fire and Gasoline” at a local HMV for those of us who live up north (though, I’m not seeing it currently listed on hmv.ca.)

      Suffice it to say, having someone more in the know chime in with additional information would probably be greatly appreciated amongst the fans right now.

      1. My experience as well Andy. The local HMV is usually pretty good for pre-orders, but at this point they have no info on the new album. Recently bought the latest Chrissie Hynde album (also on Caroline Records) which had a cool colored 180gm vinyl edition as well as a CD for $25Cdn. I guess vinyl is a limited market at this point, but would be willing to pony up for an autographed full sized LP if available.

      2. Yes, there are plans to release the album on vinyl, but that will not happen for quite some time. If you wanna hear new Lee Aaron music now, buy the CD. 😉

        Amazon has the exclusive rights to pre-order, that is why you are not seeing it anywhere else. On March 25, it will be available everywhere.

        Andy, I don’t know what you and I did differently, but when I clicked through the pre-order my total was $16.97, including shipping, before tax. Order more stuff and the shipping is free. 😉

          1. Order Total: CDN$ 27.18 with Standard-Shipping (averages 3-5 business days) when I clicked through the Amazon.ca Pre-order for a quantity of 1 “Fire and Gasoline”
            Lee Aaron Audio CD a few seconds ago.

            Maybe wait for vinyl.

          2. For about $23 (CDN), pre-ordering via Amazon.com doesn’t appear to offer anything more than 1 CD and, as I mentioned above, lengthy shipping to Canada in my experience (sometimes weeks… UPS doesn’t help matters either and often times packages get returned to sender if you’re not home at the actual time of delivery.)

            Hopefully HMV but prepared to wait for vinyl.

          3. Y’know something…

            … “Fire and Gasoline” has turned out to be such an unexpected masterpiece of an album that I probably would have Pre-ordered for CDN$ 100.00 without blinking twice.

            They just don’t make instant classics like this anymore.

            Don’t wait, do yourself a favour and pick this one up!

        1. Will the vinyl version be available at the shows when Lee is touring Canada (specifically Ontario) this summer?

          1. We don’t currently have a timeline for the vinyl version. It’s presently in the pre-planning stage, so it’s unlikely that it will be ready for the summer. Maybe Christmas, but I make no guarantees!

    2. I also would like to have a vinyl copy of the new record. I will buy the new CD to have it when it comes out but I would love to hear more about the vinyl asap. The best way to experience music is live, second best is vinyl. Lee always seems to laugh at my costumes I wear to festivals and even had me on stage in Mattawa. I look forward to many more live shows. So glad she is still making music.

  2. Miss Lee Aaron, You married? Well i’m your future husband if not…Im a loyal fan, great with kids, and the lil Yngwie guitar god hailing out of nowhere east Tn. U.S.A. I’m barely 48, sugar lets debate, I’m 1 of a kind, honey do you mind, I,m not that far, put me in your cookie jar !

  3. Wow I haven’t heard the whole album but what iv heard is smoking it’s good to see lee back in the game it’s my next iTunes purchase nice to see your still in my parts of the woods vancouver bc

  4. Any news coming soon about tour dates in Toronto area ?? I’ve still got my Dr. Feelgood hat which you took off my head & wore while you danced on stage back at Rock & Roll Heaven … I was & still am the envy of many mid 40’s buddies …Thanks Lee

  5. picked this off amazon last month, I am blown away. please come back to ontario, I’ll drive almost anywhere for the gig.

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