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Fire And Gasoline Hi Res CoverIt’s been many years since we heard a rock album by Canada’s Lee Aaron after years of dabbling with jazz but this year’s release of ‘Fire and Gasoline’ on March 25th sees her return to her rockier roots. For those that expected an album that recaptured the Metal glory of albums like 1984s ‘Metal Queen’ it’s fair to say that things have moved on somewhat.

‘Tom Boy’ which opens proceedings has a far more pop vibe than the glory days but still retains that Metal grunt in the guitars. The title track that follows on its heels has a funkier feel and hard rock smolder and oozes cool, taking a more traditional hard rock route than Metal. ‘Wanna Be’ adds a little more pop rock to the mix but retains that simplicity of yesteryear, it’s actually a really great song; and ‘Bitter Sweet’ that follows it mellow as it may be adds a cool AOR twist – it’s light and breezy, a little funky and decidedly cool.

‘Popular’ keeps that thought to remind you of bands like The Go-Go’s in their pomp, whilst ’50 Miles’ adds some smoke before an almost bluesy rock vibe kicks in, it suits Aaron’s vocal so well you just want more of the same and a little more of that slide guitar. ‘Bad Boyfriend’ that follows takes us on a trip back to that rock pop land we heard earlier but it’s so catchy a song you can’t help nodding the head in appreciation.

‘Heart Fix’ takes things down again and maybe intentionally channels the band Heart, really bringing out the best vocal of the album in a smoky, contemplative ballad with a little bite to add to the mix. ‘Nothing Says Everything’ keeps that mood to prove this is where Aaron is at her very best as it builds and sweeps you up; while ‘If You Don’t Love Me Anymore’ further lightens the mood while keeping mid-tempo attitude to realise a really great melodic AOR gem before album closer ‘Find the Love’ seals the deal and keeps that thought with a really heartfelt close. As much as we like the album it’s in these last few songs that the real soul lies.

If you love your slower numbers and don’t mind a little pop invading the rockier numbers then ‘Fire and Gasoline’ is an album to cherish.

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