Star Struck

Jett having entirely too much fun in the snow.
Jett having entirely too much fun in the snow.

Yes … it’s been a while. A lot has been going on in this crazy rocker-mom world of mine. I’m finding it’s the wildest adventure ride ever, changing everyday with twists and turns you never expected – only this ride never pulls into the unloading zone. The only unloading going on around here involves the mini-van, backpacks, bicycles, drum kits, boogie boards and wet dogs … and the occasional freak out or two … usually by me.

Having children is the most amazing gift; a gift that gives and takes and ebbs and flows and pushes and pulls and kicks and screams you – bit by bit – into being a better person. But usually not until digressing to your absolute worst self first. I admit that LEGO under the gas pedal, toothpaste ‘art’ and my ‘no-crafts kitchen-use-only’ scissors disappearing constantly are all buttons that transform me into a ranting psychopath who wants to commit a horrible crime when I find them. And, after the gravestone decorating incident when Aunt Clara died, my prohibition on Sharpie use is in effect until they move out. Period. Don’t ask … you can guess.

Daisy and Darla
Daisy and Darla
On any given day, songs need to be written, laundry needs to be done, flights need to be booked, projects about whales need to be completed, interview requests are piling up, our big-ass dog keeps eating the cute little dog’s food and the dishwasher packed it in on Thanksgiving. Oh, and I have a plugged ear from a sinus infection. And that was just last week.

Other than that things have been just peachy.

I managed to carve out some time to work with my wonderful, patient webmaster to redesign the website!! Really … he did pretty much all the work and I just said ‘Like this … don’t like that…” Hoping to make it easier to navigate around, find info and cool stuff and connect with us on social media. Feedback welcome! I care what you guys think and want to streamline the site to feature what you want to see and know about.

Anyway, now that the munchkins are a bit older it seems time has opened up enough to focus on some creative endeavors I’ve been sitting on for a while. Crazy nerd thing to do – but I decided to go back to college a couple years ago. Albert-EinsteinI really wanted to explore some things that I’d been interested in for a while and gave that gift to myself. I had an amazing time studying neuroscience, psychology, multiple intelligences and the minds of the gifted and differently-abled. My husband and I both devote some of our time to helping persons with cognitive disabilities and I really wanted to understand more about the unique people we support. It’s interesting, but not at all surprising to learn that most of our last half-millennium geniuses were also on the autism spectrum: Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Charles Darwin, Mozart, Newton … the list goes on.

I feel so much better about my own quirks now…

My fantastic band!
My fantastic band!

Let’s talk about a new Lee Aaron album! It’s time. I’ve been pouring over a decade’s worth of ideas that have piled up, building on some of those and writing some brand new stuff too. And, I have my most rockin’ live band ever so it’s been really inspiring! Can’t wait to get into the studio with these guys! Digital technology has also opened up a world where musical ideas can be shared long distance so collaborating has gotten way easier too.

Back in the old days the record company would fly us (John Albani, my co-writer for 12 years, and I) around to Nashville or New York or LA and we would woodshed for a few days with someone and come back with a song or two. The pressure was on to achieve instant results because publishing dollars were being invested. Fair enough. When we weren’t doing that, John and I would woodshed every day for months together. And sometimes, when you spend such an intense amount of time with someone you start getting on each other’s nerves. I’d be getting all cranky because he was spending – in my estimation – far too much time getting the ‘perfect’ snare sound or his needy Moluccan cockatoo – that was left free to roam the studio – would want to cuddle constantly, razor sharp talons, feathers and all – while I was trying to concentrate on lyric writing. I’m not joking. I would say “shoo” repeatedly, but that bird-brained bird was relentless. If you ignored it or closed the cage door it would squawk – oh, so shrilly – again and again and again. Kinda messes with the creative process…

bald birdNow here’s a rare bit of mind-meandering trivia – you can hear Coco the Cockatoo’s vocal debut on the intro of “Tell Me Somethin’ Good” from the Some Girls Do album. I forgot all about that until now. Geeeee, now I kinda miss that dumb bird. Once, when we left for a six week European Tour in ’89, Coco pulled every single feather out from the neck down while we were away. She was extremely attached to John and, even though he left the bird with his beloved aunt who loved that bird too, the trauma of his absence was apparently too much. John arrived home to a studio mascot that looked like some freakish thing from a circus sideshow. John also had two pet sharks (Sid and Nancy) and a manta ray that ate out of his hand but that’s a whole other blog.

Anyway, now with the internet and smart phones, musicians can exchange music files by email or something as basic as an iPhone memo. I have to admit, I’m really digging it. I like having the time to live with and process ideas rather than the pressure of having to write the ‘hook’ line before nightfall. You write less crap this way … well, at least I think I do … or don’t. Write crap, that is.

But let’s be honest, crap is subjective. And thank God for that … otherwise there are many creative people who would never have had careers.
So yes, a new Lee Aaron album is finally in the works and I’m really excited about it. Most of the material is written and the pre-production process is well underway. Much of it taking place right here in my own home…

A rock record.


800px-Led_Zeppelin_-_Led_Zeppelin_III have loved my forays into the worlds of jazz, blues and even opera. They have been enlightening, enriching and have made me a better artist all around, but gee whiz … there is still a star struck 18 year old inside me dying to strap on a guitar and go rock out. The fan-girl part that never goes away. The part that still gets goose bumps when I put on Led Zeppelin II or blast the new Jack White in my car…

Germaine Greer once said, “You’re only young once but you can be immature forever.”

childish, babyish, infantile, juvenile, adolescent, puerile, sophomoric, jejune, callow, green, tender, young, inexperienced, unsophisticated, unworldly, naive;
youthful, boyish, girlish;

Heck, I’m totally ok with that…

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  1. Star Struck was enjoyable to read. Well done Karen! Here’s some feedback on the new website though. I find it hard to read things with your picture in the background. I often have to scroll to move text away from your lips or black wrist band etc to a spot where contrast is better. Wishing you the very best with your new Rock Album and God Bless.

  2. Well that was a fun blog to read. Poor Coco. I had a Cockatiel named Twinky in Jr. High. We were attached at the hip too. The new album sounds like something to look forward to… rock is good. It seems like it will be youthful and energizing, which is just what the doctor ordered. Have fun finishing that up. Then please bring yourselves to California, so you can warm up, and so I can see you! Blessings and hugs.

  3. hey Karen.. Long Long LONG time no see!!! Maybe 25yrs!! Last time was at 52nd Street in Brampton. I worked there. New album sounds fantastic!!…. I`ll be seeing your tonite in Peterborough. Hope we can say hi. I LOVE the new website…

  4. I love the new website and the family pictures. Beautiful family you have. I liked hearing about the special people that you help and are involved with, that takes a good heart and a special person to commit to a cause like that. I know this first hand, as I have a beautiful daughter named Jade Crystal that has Downs syndrome. She is the most incredible, loving, caring, affectionate person I have ever been around. She has taught me so much about life and patience. She has given me a hole new way of looking at life in general. I gave up playing in bands after she was born because of all the extra care, medical needs, and helping her to develop as she grows up. All was time and energy well spent with no regrets. I would do it all over again for her, Jade is the best gift I could have ever asked for. So please keep up all the good work that you are doing. It means a lot to so many people out there.
    Thanks again for sitting and chatting with me at the Blue Mule nightclub here in Penticton a few years back. It meant a lot to me. I have been a huge fan of yours since your first album. The vocals, lyrics, music, everything, I love it all. I am anxiously awaiting your new album.
    I hope that you get a chance to read this letter and hope you will make another stop here in Penticton down the road.
    With great love.
    Your biggest fan.

  5. Hi Karen, Love the blog. Just found it today while I was making a favourite Karaoke list for my husband’s B-day party tomorrow night. We used to live in Kits, and then moved to South Surrey and we had a few mutual friends in both. You probably won’t remember us now, as we left for southern France now 3 1/2 years ago. Glad to hear you are doing so well though, but more glad to hear you are going back to your rock roots. I sing high soprano in a choir here, and have grown as a singer myself and then decided to quit. When it comes down to it, I am a rocker at heart. It doesn’t matter that I can sing in different ways, what matters is loving every second of it. Only rock moves me in that way. Take good care! Eva

  6. I love your website, the reflections on your rock star family life and the fact you sign your merchandise! I am a long time fan from Sweden currently living in the US. Have all your records from the 80s. Stumbled across your website a couple of weeks ago, remembered how great of an artist you are, loaded my iphone full of songs and have for the past two weeks been listening to Metal Queen and Texas Outlaw at full volume in my car on the way to work! My daughters are 9 and 14 now, time to trash the Taylor Swift CDs and introduce them to some real Classic Rock 🙂 Looking forward to your new Album too.

  7. Personally, I wish you’d go back to the sound of those first three albums. Some nice rock/metal stuff if I should say so myself. But I support whatever you do, would just be nice to have another hard/heavy album from you because it felt more natural for me to hear you screaming your ass off. Cheerz Karen!

  8. Hi Lee (Karen 🙂
    Came across your website. Very nice. Enjoyed your blogs. You’re a good writer. Interesting and funny. Smiled at your story about Coco! Always been a fan of your music, since day one. Maybe because we’re the same age! Haha. 1962 was a good year. Hope to see you perform at Casino Halifax someday soon. We’d like to see you visit us on east coast again hopefully. Best wishes for your health and happiness in 2016. Happy New Year! 🙂 Greg in Halifax

  9. Your Metal Queen persona attracted me to your music as a teenager. The great music kept me as a fan for quite a few years. A gig by you at Massey Hall was my first ever rock concert – a lifetime memory for sure. The BodyRock launch party in downtown Toronto was also a very memorable event for me. In the 90s I lost touch with metal and spent most of time listening to Great Big Sea. Since my son finishes high school this year I’m beginning to have more time for my own pursuits – like catching up on your albums. Glad to see you have matured and diversified as an artist. Not happy to learn how corporate shenanigans kept your talent stifled, at least in the USA. I live in the US now and it grieves me how few people here know about some really great Canadian artists like yourself (or Gowan or Blue Rodeo or Tragically Hip or…). Keep on doing what you do best and I will continue to enjoy your work.

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