“Waterfall” Official Video, 1994

June 30, 2014

Monday Video: from Emotional Rain.

“In The Dark” 2000

June 26, 2014

Thursday Audio: from Slick Chick.

Promo outtake, 1984

June 25, 2014

Wednesday Photo: from the reissue shoot.

“Sex With Love” video shoot 1991

June 23, 2014

Monday Video: behind the scenes.

“Texas Outlaw” 1982

June 19, 2014

Thursday Audio: from The Lee Aaron Project.

With Steve Anthony

June 18, 2014

Wednesday Photo: candid shot.

“I Just Wanna Make Love To You” live with Buzz Shearman

June 16, 2014

Monday Video: Live on TV.

“Line Of Fire” 1985

June 12, 2014

Thursday Audio: from Call Of The Wild.

Live in the dark

June 11, 2014

Wednesday Photo: sombre moment.

“Handcuffed To A Fence” live 2008

June 9, 2014

Monday Video: a slow, sultry number.

“Whatcha Do To My Body” (Radio Edit) 1989

June 5, 2014

Thursday Audio: from Radio Hitz and More….

Lee and a Fan

June 4, 2014

Wednesday Photo: with Shawn.