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New Lee PosterWelcome to the new Lee Aaron website!
We’ve cut down on the clutter and improved the speed of the site. Everything you need is in the menu above.
Please let us know if anything is missing or if there are problems accessing pages.
And don’t forget to check out the Store, now with new software to make ordering your favourite Lee Aaron stuff easier and more enjoyable!
Let us know what you think in the Comments section below. Are we missing anything? What’s your favourite part? Where do you look first? What do you want more of?

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12 comments on “New Website” …

  1. Lee, New website looks great. The video quality is amazing!! Good luck, Merry Christmas & have an awesome 2015! Luv, Vinny

  2. Miss you and our Tuesday nights at the Mojo Room. If I had to pick my favourite lick the only one that did the trick would be Ms. Aaron … My slick chick.

  3. Recently discovered you, Lee! Love the music! – and the new website is great! Just need some recent blog content. 🙂 Love it!

  4. As a fan since before the Metal Queen album, I approve the new site design. Back in my day, we had to rely on magazines for information about our favorite artists. Then go buy the vinyl. Then walk uphill to school, both ways, in a snowstorm…

  5. Still going strong after all these years, you are a machine ! You remember playing in kapuskasing in the early 80’s? I saw you twice and been hooked ever since..Rock on Lee !

  6. so I’m on youtube,zippin thru 80’s rock tunes,oh the memories from back then!! I listen to TORONTO’s “start tellin the truth”…GREAT song,HEADPINS,cool,CHILLIWACK,yep…then I see LEE AARON tunes/vids…WOW!!flashbacks,good memories,bad memories…then I google LEE AARON…holy s**t,she has a fricken website,right on!! long story short,seen you in concerts since your beginnings,right up until around mid 90’s,was INFATUATED with this rock goddess,your look,your moves,and especially your voice!! little anecdote:began work at 17 with ONRail in ’83,moved out of north bay ont. in ’84,worked at all the ONRail shops in northern Ontario except in moosonee,now live in rouyn-noranda que.(and will retire soon)been here many yrs now;so seen you at least once at each tour,but one show that’s still etched in my mind is the one at McIntyre arena in timmins ont.,late 80’s early 90’s,drove 3hrs with a friend to go see you,had front row tickets,it was a “Molson Canadian rocks” sponsored show,bought a long-sleeve levi’s-type denim shirt with the sponsor logo embroidered on left pocket,and when you got on stage,i kept waiving the shirt in the air,making a hand signal of “please autograph”,but of course it can’t be done during the show;once show was over,we stayed around,asking your people if I could get the shirt signed,but nope,never happened. I still have the shirt,never worn,not signed. Maybe one day,i’ll have a chance again,because I read on your website that a new album is in the works,possibly a tour to go along with it?? if so,now that I’m 50 and smarter than my younger yrs,i’ll find a way to go see you again,but this time,have it signed!!! lol. Keep on rockin Lee,you’re the best in my book. p.s.: if there isn’t a tour,would there be a way for me to send you the shirt and have it signed?? just wonderin.

  7. glad too see still performing we miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the metal queen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love those lips !!!!!!!!!!!!

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