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Lee Aaron donates Metal Queen and Bodyrock outfits to NMC

August 31, 2016

Lee_Aaron metal queenLast week Lee Aaron visited Canada’s National Music Centre in Calgary, bringing with her wardrobe pieces from the iconic Metal Queen album cover as well as a vintage Brimaco motorcycle jacket worn on the Bodyrock tour of 1989/90. Both items will join other unique effects currently on display at the newly opened Centre including kd lang’s infamous Juno performance wedding dress, Corey Hart’s sunglasses, and Shania Twain’s Toronto Maple Leafs outfit. Aaron says “I’ve held on to those costumes hoping that one day they would find a home somewhere, so when I got the call requesting them I was more than happy to pass both on. I’m honored to donate these items to the NMC.”

BodyRock posterAaron is considered a luminary in the field of female rock singer-songwriters in Canada, paving the way for artists like Alanis Morrisette, Avril Lavigne and Fiest. Chart Magazine proclaims Bodyrock to be one of the 20 most influential albums of the 80’s. Her 12th studio album, the well-received Fire and Gasoline (2016) was released in March of this year. On September 24th she will be inducted into the Arts Walk of Fame, where a star bearing her name will be placed in front of the historic Rose Theatre in her former hometown of Brampton, Ontario.

The National Music Centre (NMC), now called Studio Bell, is designed to preserve and celebrate Canada’s music story and inspire new generations through exhibitions, performances and educational programming.

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  1. Hi I was and am still a big fan of Lee Aaron, ever since I heard Line of Fire on The Friday Rockshow in the 80s, I felt that song had a powerful effect on me as I listened to it on my head phones as my parents had me go to bed at 9 pm back then, so I had to be really quiet if I wanted to listen to the radio. I got the Metal Queen album, it blew me away. Lee’s voice is powerful and unique.

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