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Beautiful Things cover 2004Lee Aaron
Beautiful Things

Trent McMartin
September 20, 2005

After the better part of a decade exploring various musical styles and genres Canadian artist Lee Aaron returns with her most accessible pop record since 1994’s Emotional Rain. But if you’re expecting a rehash of the fluff she did in the 1980’s and early 90’s don’t count on it. Still remaining are the jazz and blues influences that dominated her 2000 release Slick Chick, as evidenced by the tracks “Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi,” “Silent Serenade,” “Do I Move You” and “Heart Shaped Whole.” Where this album differs from Slick Chick is the mixing in of a more adult contemporary sound with the inclusion of such ballads as “Joan of Arc”, “Boy Glory” and “Private Billie Holiday.” Beautiful Things is the sound of an artist breaking away with the remaining remnants of her past image. Sure Slick Chick may have closed the coffin lid on her metal queen days but Beautiful Things puts a nail in it.

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