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  1. I have been a fan for many many yrs-I met you in markham theater yrs ago and I was wearing Black Diamond Riders MC jacket. I am glad to see yur still ROCKIN IT.
    Look me up at grumpyoldmen motor cycle riding club on facebook.

  2. Hello Lee(Karen)
    Its been a long time since ive indulged into the musicial annals of lee Aaron ,but what a joy your music has brought to me . This site is great,takes me back especially seeing Dan Gallager(RiP)and the different eras. It has been a soundtrack of my life from seeing you with Frank Soda ,and at the King Eddie in Guelph ,Ont,to hearing you mature and grow musically into a remarkable Jazz and Blues performer …what a creative transition .I believe only one such as yourself could make that transition as well and as smooth as you have .
    Of all the Canadian rock acts of yesteryear only you have evolved and grown with such class and grace ….for that thank you
    I enjoy Metal Queen .Body Rock ,and Emotional Rain as well as the Beautiful Things …each one has a time and a special place .
    Thank you for sharing your spirit and passion for all music …I’m waiting for the LeeAaron country album “Home on the Range” (lol..kidding) but if you did one in sure it would be as awesome as your other creations .Keep playing ,keep singing and stay beautiful …I look forward to seeing you again .Peace

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