K. Depenbrock’s Photographs

Klaus Depenbrock is a German photographer who had the opportunity to photograph Lee Aaron at a concert and backstage in 1991. As he recalls, “I just had this short shooting backstage in 1991 but it was long enough to feel that Lee is not this typical “hard-rock-lady” and that there’s a conflict between this stereotype/cliché and her real person going on. On one of my photos you can really see that, and it’s the photo I like most. Of course the other shots with sunglasses and make-up and posing were prefered by the press. One of those “posing-hard-rock-lady shots” was on a title page on a magazine at that time. Reading that Lee really had a hard time with this conflict made me feel guilty somehow. So I am a visual artist that helped to transport this “hard-rock lady cliché” to the media in 1991. Therefore I was glad to read that Lee found her peace with that, so to speak.”

Please enjoy his photos….

Lee Aaron - Düsseldorfer Phillipshalle
Lee Aaron – Düsseldorfer Phillipshalle

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