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Jack (Do You Know Jack? Radio Show) interviews Lee Aaron Aug 19/2017

Jack meets up with legendary Canadian rocker Lee Aaron at Edmonton Rock Music Festival. Jack and Lee chat about Lee’s latest record “Fire and Gasoline”, the 35th anniversary of Lee’s debut record “The Lee Aaron Project, how the business has changed since she started out, what Lee has learned in the 35 years since her debut, her recent tour of Germany, progress on her up and coming blues orientated release and also her advice for young rockers that are just starting out or are considering a career in the industry.

*please note that this interview was conducted backstage at Edmonton Rock Music Festival. I had my kids with me in the room when I was doing the interview. So there’s a few references made to my kids during our chat.

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  1. could you do a cover Rush’s limelight a studio version i heard the live version form your live it was great i love your older stuff my favorite album form you call of the wild 1985 to Emotional Rain 1994 by the way i ,am millennial

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