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March 4, 2016

Lee AaronTom Boy
The last time this particular writer witnessed the glory of Lee Aaron, she was supporting Bon Jovi at London’s Dominion Theatre back in 1985. And 30 years on, while she’s never really been away, she’s definitely back back BACK, romping through the extremely catchy Tom Boy like she’s a hard-rockin’ Toni Basil. The video features several children in the musicianly roles, and everyone appears to be having the time of their lives. Bonus points for rhyming “old school rock” with “poppycock”.

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  1. Yep, super super catchy tune. It kinda reminds of Some Girls Do, Baby Go Round or 2preciious’ My Machine with the roving guitar licks and playfulness/infectiousness. Looking forward to the album!

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