Childsplay deliver fun punk rock

Last fall, Lee was delighted to be one of three judges of CBC’s ‘On The Coast’ contest, searching for the best high school rock band in the Lower Mainland. The top three bands were This Means Nothing in Mexico, Childsplay, and Oh No! Yoko; all played live on CBC, and eventually This Means Nothing in Mexico took top prize. It was an impossible decision – the three bands were all excellent, and all of completely different styles – it was ‘apples and oranges’ – they are all great examples of the up-and-coming talent in B.C.

Jaden from Childsplay sent me links to their two new videos – here they are!

I love the gritty, back-alley rehearsal dive feel to this one. Reminds me of lots of places I rehearsed in the early days. Even though I can’t completely understand the lyric content, it’s almost secondary anyway. The song is full of authentic punk angst and that translates VERY clearly. Way to go guys. Good video!

In traditional punk fashion this song is extremely short and sweet and gets the point across. Catchy tune too!

You can find out more about Childsplay on their MySpace page. Good work, guys!

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