Dec 03 2014
    Star Struck

    Finding a way, through all that life can throw at you, to create a new album, and reflecting on the archaic – and sometimes humorous – way it used to be done.

    Feb 09 2012
    Bird Brains

    Reflecting on life’s priorities after a couple of wildlife encounters with the fancy windows.

    Jan 17 2012
    Till The World Ends…

    Discussing the follies of making music video masterpieces that, in hindsight, may not have been quite as good as they appeared to be at the time.

    Nov 10 2011
    Getting In Shape

    Sharing the joy and pain of joining a gym.

    Feb 17 2011
    Not A Cakewalk…

    Learning the wisdom of the elderly.

    Dec 03 2010
    Happy Birthday, Darby!

    Lee reminisces over 30 years of Headpins and recounts her first encounter with singer Darby Mills.

    Jul 31 2010
    Tulips And Tabloids

    Body issues and wise old ladies.

    Apr 08 2010
    Laundry And Bourbon

    Dreams of the everyday housewife.