“Bad Boyfriend” Video

Thanks to BraveWords for premiering the new video for “Bad Boyfriend” this morning!

“I had this campy little song kicking around for a couple of years. We had included it in our live set as an encore and it always went over great so we decided to record it. It’s one girl’s self-satirical dialogue about the struggle between the worldly and the divine and coming to the realization that she’s really the common denominator in all her relationship problems. Is it autobiographical? Ha, ha…in a ‘been there, done that,’ taking the piss out of myself, kind of way.” – Lee Aaron

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4 comments on ““Bad Boyfriend” Video” …

  1. This shoot is so thought-provoking to say the least and the color red is mind-blowing. You are so innovative with your music and I love John Cody’s drumming in this one too. He is amazing.

  2. great song Lee ha a little bit of you I don’t know about that. Nice stripes Lee unlike the black and white ones you wear before haha jk that was just the style in the 80s. Keep on rocken nice drumming john cody

  3. I’m going to make a suggestion that will ” kick fu€king ass”. Great song, love it it’s got a gritty classic rock edge. Might is festival something brilliant, as Avril to sign it and play it with both of you on guitar backing each others vocals and allow some raw Arron Rock screams out Avril too if you both agree.

    Time a live mtv special feature release premier, tie April’s resurface musically as two powerful female icons of rock. Together a super group showcase with this exact song as the vehicle.

    It will be on every rock radio show continent wide over night, Lee. ( Karen) it will be huge for you both I can script it out for you if you wanted.

    Great song, reach greater, bolder

  4. The coolest Mom, i ve ever seen. I love her since the 80. So glad that Lee give up these Jazz-Stuff. With this Voice you have to sing Rock!!!! So Rock on, you are gorgeous!

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