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Lee Aaron Interview

Tracey Lukasik
April 11, 2016


After an 11 year hiatus Canada’s sultry songstress, Lee Aaron, is back with a new rock record entitled, “Fire and Gasoline.” As a long time admirer of her work, I was honored to be able to chat with her about her decision to return to the scene after such an extended absence.

During our conversation, Lee touches on subjects such as motherhood, the song writing process and her brief flirtation with a career as a jazz artist. Having been lovingly dubbed the “Metal Queen” in the late 80’s, Lee Aaron has since matured both as an artist, and as a woman.

She is more than eager to share her new material with the world, so listen up!


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3 comments on “Backstage Axxess” …

    1. I agree… and one would hope that a follow-up to “Fire & Gasoline” is in the works (strike while the iron’s hot!)

      Any other’s Andy’s wanna comment?

  1. I definitely hope this new album isn’t the last record. I feel the overwhelming outpouring of positive feedback speaks huge volumes that fans want more music from Lee Aaron. Being a superfan all my life I find Lee’s albums stand the test of time. Always well done from Rock to Jazz Nobody is out there doing it better. Thanks Lee for all you do, keep Rockin’!!!!!!!!

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