Album Update (November)

We are pleased to announce that, as of last week, we have entered into a partnership with ILS/Caroline International (part of the Universal network) for worldwide distribution of the new album! What that means is that the new Lee Aaron disc will make it into as many of the remaining brick-and-mortar stores as possible, as well as being available on popular download channels.

It’s been a labour of love, and gratifying to see what started out as small seeds of concept and imagination evolve into living, breathing songs and finally, a fully realized album. We went old school and recorded tracks live off the floor in a real studio, with the same band who plays them live on stage – my amazing band. These days so many recordings are done by sending digital files back and forth, but it was important to me to capture the magic of a real musical unit working off each other in the same room and I believe we really accomplished that. I’m immensely grateful to each of my musical brothers who lent their gifts: Sean Kelly, Dave Reimer, and John Cody – as well as the fine engineering skills of both Ben Kaplan and John Webster.

We are looking at a worldwide release date in the first quarter of 2016!

Stay tuned, there is more news to come soon….

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  1. Lee,
    Since you signed a new album deal does this mean your going to release more then one album in the future? Most deals want more then one albulm. I am so hoping this is the case. I wish you all the best with your new album. I cant wait to hear it. Your fan for life. Brad

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