Album Update (June)

Wow, things continue to progress beyond my expectations. I’ve been working with John Webster on overdubs – which are all finally done – and we are now onto the mix stage. I love mixing because you finally get to see the big picture after micro-focusing on all the nuancy bits for weeks. Kinda like having the whole delicious cookie after eating half the bag of chocolate chips just because they tasted so good.

I’ve been blessed beyond belief so far in that I’ve been able to work with some incredible talent on this recording. From the amazing musicianship of my band (Sean Kelly, Dave Reimer and John Cody – and yes folks, it is indeed a band: real musicians playing real parts in real time in a real studio!) to engineer extraordinaire Ben Kaplan (Mother Mother, Hedley) to the accidental, but brilliant, pairing with John Webster. I like a person who will entertain my craziest ideas (and not laugh) as well as contribute a few mad scientist moves themself.

Things should be wrapped up and moving on to mastering by the month’s end, at which point we’ll be looking at options to deliver it to you guys … which brings me to a question: What do Lee Aaron fans want? Downloads, hard copies, vinyl, hand written lyrics, demos?? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll see if it’s do-able.

BTW, the only thing not possible at this exact juncture in time (so hopefully next month) are new photos and/or video – well, at least not with my current mug, due to a fluke injury (baseball to the face to be exact – trust me, Newton couldn’t have calculated the trajectory physics of this one more precisely!) resulting in a broken nose and two giant shiners. <sigh> ‘Ice Pack Queen, duh, duh’ … stay tuned….

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  1. Hi Lee,

    first: GET WELL SOON!

    I prefer Hard Copies – if possible signed!;-)
    I also like reading lyrics.
    If demos or other stuff is available it’s also welcome (Bonus track or Bonus Disc)

    Greets from Germany

    1. I would prefer a hard copy with lyrics so I can learn the songs! so when you come back to Toronto then I can sing along! Also it gives me a chance to share your Awesome cd with my friends:)

  2. Hi, hope you’re going to be alright. Ouch!
    CD’s , Digital for the car, Vinyl for sure.
    Vinyl is the cure for piracy. Not the format but the culture.
    Cheers, Scott.

  3. First I hope you get well very soon 🙂
    When it comes to the album, I quote the late great Freddie Mercury when he sang “I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!” 😉 I prefer hard copies too. Both vinyl and cd (bonus demo tracks on the cd would be cool)

    Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery

  4. Hi Lee: ouch hope you get better soon. I am not a big vinyl person anymore, don’t own a record player. I usually get my music on I tunes now BUT I think for you, my favorite artist…a CD might be in order. I am happy to hear new material and will just say, let’s get it out in the way that is most efficient for you

    Thanks for the update

    Love ya.

  5. Baseball to the face? Oh, weird?

    I can’t wait–I definitely prefer downloads (CD’s/Vinyl are becoming a major problem, storage space-wise) but I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and I’d likely get any format which is the most convenient.

    Good luck to you and yours, and thanks.

  6. really looking forward to the new album!
    it would be amazing to have it on vinyl, but CD and digital download would be great.
    can’t wait to catch you on tour again soon as well!
    oh, no more baseball for awhile! 😉

  7. Hi , As an old fan I have to Say vinyl and CD . But iTunes and Spotify is of course a must these days . Get well and good luck with the rest of the work with the album .

  8. Digital for sure, vinyl for the cool factor, and for sure some videos for YouTube/Vevo. Something that we can “like” and “share” on all of our social media formats to help promote you and your work. Can’t wait to hear the music.

  9. Lee,
    First, I hope you get better soon. Second, I want a physical cd. I look forward to seeing the finished product. I’m old school and look forward to the actual cd. The cover, the liner notes and of course the chance of a new Lee Aaron album cover. So, please have your album available on cd. Been a fan since 83 & new music has been a long time coming. Best of luck on the release of new music Lee!!!!! Do you have a title/release date?

  10. I still enjoy the convenience of the CD format for the home and for the car. Competing with the kids and wife for shelf space for vinyl is challenging (at least the CD cases my father built are custom for discs only 🙂

  11. I feel your pain, I have had many a baseball induced injuries over the years and yours sounds like it might be on the top of a very nasty and painful list. As for what we would like to have as fans, my personal request is always some type of hard copy. Album or CD , I guess that I am still old school thinking , I like to have something in my hand while listening to music for the very first time. Feel better soon, and can’t wait to finally hear your new songs. Take care, Rob

  12. Cheers to you on a speedy recovery on your broken noise.
    As a long time fan, I would prefer vinyl, a CD with hand written lyrics, a great cover picture with the entire band. The CD would be a great addition to all of your albums that I have collected since 1983. I ,as well as the rest of your fans, look forward to hearing your latest creation.
    Don’t feel pressured in rushing on the finishing touches. It’s all part of the process and you and your team have put many hours in so far. You are on the final stretch. You’ll know when the new album is 100% done. Your loyal fans can’t wait to listen to the next chapter of your music career.

    Doug Galt

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  13. Sorry to hear of the injury. In terms of format, my tastes learn towards CD for the liner notes, etc. Download good for on the move listening. Cheers!

  14. And they say baseball isn’t dangerous.
    CD and/or Vinyl signed would be nice. CD would help complete the collection, only missing a couple.

  15. I would prefer a downloadable version of the album (this is how I get most of my stuff nowadays) and perhaps an option to get a signed CD if it is not too costly for you to produce. Is this a jazz or rock album, by the way?

  16. I wish you a speedy recovery. I play softball and I’ve seen how painful it can be getting hit in the face with one. So getting hit with a baseball must have hurt a lot. I hope you can get back and play again soon.

    I prefer having it on CD. Hand written lyrics would be cool, and demos would be really nice. Whatever you end up producing, I look forward to getting a copy.

  17. I’d love to hear some demos on what you are working on! And of course when the album is done, hard copy of course. I would buy both CD and Vinyl copies!
    Perhaps throw out one of your new songs this year at the PNE! 😉

  18. I’ve seen a few releases that include a download with vinyl. I plan on doing that with my Zeppelin cover album. I like Cd’s for merch table signings…convenient.
    Myself, I’m a vinyl junkie.

  19. Hi Lee

    First: Get well soon

    I prefer good CD sound, but also analog Vynil would welcome.
    Very important for me is reading the lyrics.
    The main thing the new album coming soon, no matter how
    I am really looking forward to it.

    Greetings from Bavaria – Germany

  20. Ouch! Having had a similar injury, I feel your pain. Sending healing vibes.

    I’d happily settle for a personal, in-house performance of all the new material. 😀

    Second choice would be a CD to go on the shelf with all your other CDs. A signed option would definitely be awesome. Bonus tracks are always cool.

    Really looking forward to this. Take care (and better luck ducking next time)!

  21. Hard copies baby! CD to go with my so far complete Lee Aaron set. Please don’t make us have to burn MP3’s to a disc, put it in a jewel and set that thing next to the rest of the official discs, and call that an official copy, ugh! Like Michael from Germany said… bonus tracks/disc warmly welcome. And a good booklet with lyrics please. Please be generous. We want a good experience with as much Lee as possible! Take care of yourself and get well Karen. Thanks!

  22. I would like hard copy with liner notes! To be purchased on your website of course! Since I doubt there will be any US distribution. Especially here in South Florida! Also maybe a demo or tidbit of the new music on your facebook page would be cool!

  23. Best of luck to a quick recovery. Also I personally still quite like the idea of having a CD to listen to and add to my library. Lyrics are always a nice bonus as it adds to a fuller experience with the CD booklet and such. Over all though I am pumped for any thing new.

  24. I feel your pain, have had my nose broken by a baseball as well. Vinyl is always cool and sounds awesome, CD would be great for the car trips, but my daughter would love downloadable stuff as well, A booklet in the CD with lyrics, stories , and pics would be awesome, looking forward to seeing you live at the PNE in Vancouver this summer.

  25. If it at all possible could you do a local meet and greet and sign some CD”s or vinyl after the release of the new album, my daughter would love to meet you.
    Hope you feel better soon

  26. Lee get well very soon Lady!
    Hard Copy for sure, if possible both CD and Vinyl… to offer a download is when you decieded to do hard copies an easy thing 🙂

  27. I would like a CD release for this. A vinyl release would be cool but a CD if I could only pick one. I’m not at all interested in digital downloads. I’d love it if the CD contained lyrics but if you published them on your web site then I’d be fine if they weren’t with the CD.

  28. A properly mastered, non-brickwalled, nicely pressed high quality LP with the dynamics left in tact.
    Signed would be a bonus but as long as the LP was done properly and not just the digital files transferred over it would be fine.
    Thanks for letting us fans have input.
    Hope to see you on tour.

  29. Lee: if possible please do ALL current formats for the NEW L.A. ROCK ‘secret titled’ Album Record thingy [except for cassettes they drag / wear out ‘N SUCK! hahajajaLOL] .:. \||/ #CD, #hardcopy #digitaldownload #.mp3 #.FLAC #VinylLP for ALL US hardcore Lee Aaron FAN Collectors!! right Johan Hagman?? = da / oui / ja / yes #LeeAaron #GetYourMettleOn #Summer #2015Tour #NEWAlbum #CD #amazon #bandcamp #digitaldownload #itunes #MetalQueen #mp3 #FLAC #LP #VinylRecord #merchandise #fans #followers #Halifax #NovaScotia #Canada #BingAds #facebookAds #GoogleDisplayNetwork #GoogleAdsense #GoogleAdwords #GoogleMusic #GooglePlus #twitter #TwitterAds #YahooAds #YouTube KEEP CALM AND GET YOUR METTLE ON! AND GET SOME ‘METAL ON ICE’ for those black eye / baseball shiners <3 <3 <3 times X333+ and b.t.w.: don't 4forget to bring that L.A. ROCK Show Tour to Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada this summer 2015 sometime in late August or September because I will be in Montreal Quebec in late July / early August and don't want to miss ya'll in Halifax Rock 'heaven' since '2011'

  30. Oh, man… now, I feel kinda bad.
    I just left a message with your online store asking when to expect the personalized autographed poster I had ordered a couple weeks ago for a friend. You’ve been quite a busy lady and I’d like to wish you a speedy recovery! I’m so sorry if I came across as a little pushy! Can’t wait to see you at the PNE this summer! All the best ~ Andy from Langley

    * It’s safe to say that Lee Aaron fans would love to see more tour dates… I’d personally love to see you back at the Commodore Ballroom… or even Cascades. Vinyl for the album (with a CD or Download Code inside.)

  31. I still love physical product and going to a music store to buy an album on release day.
    I will usually start with the CD and if I connect with the album, I will go out and add the vinyl version to my collection too if it exists. A download code with the vinyl makes sense.
    I enjoy reading the lyrics whether they’re hand-written or not so I can submerge myself further into each song.
    Since you are such a beautiful looking woman, I hope there are a good number of pictures in the overall packaging of your finished product. 😉
    Hope your injuries heal quickly. Looking forward to the new album!


  32. Only YOU can stop domestic violence…

    To be honest, I really don’t care too much about the format. Its been too long since your last album and if you released it in a series of talking giftcards it still would be fine.

    I hope you will feel better soon and to see you live in the Netherlands again soon.

    PS doesnt your broken nose affect your voice as well? Must be a big pain in more than one way

  33. Hi Lee,

    I pray you get well soon. I prefer CD with lyrics…demoes are cool too. I have never heard the Metal Queen in concert, even though I live In Toronto (I am from Newfoundland originally). I will check to see when you are next in TO. YES B’Y! ROCK ON!

  34. Hello Lee,
    I prefer a CD with beautiful artwork, downloads are so volatile.
    Nothing beats a physical product you can buy at a store.
    Hope to see you back in Europe one day.
    The last time I could see a Lee Aaron show was in 1985.
    Greetings from Belgium and get well.

  35. I’d prefer to buy a CD with liner notes, lyrics and photos. I would probably buy a nice looking vinyl as well.
    Can’t wait!!

  36. I would buy a vinyl copy and/or CD. I don’t buy digital music. A card in the vinyl LP and CD with a code to download some early demos of the album, live stuff etc would be cool! And please make a decent booklet for the LP and CD.

  37. I like music offered in all forms but I defiantly like to have something physical with liner notes and information on the recording. Also then there’s always the potential of getting your CD or vinyl covers signed some day.

  38. Hi Lee…..Like many, I’d prefer a CD package with liner notes and lyrics. (signed if possible — please, YES!) Can’t wait to see you when you come to Winnipeg in November! Love you and all that you have meant for the music industry. Get well, and see you soon!

  39. Wow, so sorry to hear of your injury…get well soon. For certain cds with good liner notes and also vinyl would be sweet! Big fan since ’84, come to the CA wine country sometime…(LODI, not Napa etc.) Can’t wait for the new music!

  40. Hi,sorry about your injury,but you’re tough, I hope that you pull through nicely and very soon… I’ve been A fan since ’99,I found most of your cds at one music store and bought them and liked them alot,and I ordered the others that I found out you had that weren’t at the store the time I got the others…I also have a few DVDs as well and like them…So happy to hear your doing A new album,can’t wait to hear it….I prefer physical copies, so cd’s are what I like and maybe think about puttin it out on vinyl as well since alot of artists are re-releasing old albums on vinyl as well as their newer material…nothing beats holding A cd/vinyl in your hands ,I don’t buy digital….thanks for listening,take care and good luck with the new release,Hope you can put on A concert in North Carolina in the near future.

  41. CD, Download and lyrics in liner please! Your voice is always very clear but sometimes there’s always the “what was that line?”
    Can’t wait to hear the new material. Funny, I was just listening to Emotional Rain in my car the other day. Still love it 🙂

  42. Cant wait and would love digital download, streaming on Tidal as the quality there does all your hard work justice and vinyl please!

  43. Come to the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay, NS. I’m telling you it woulds be an excellent turn out

    Everyone buy the dvd’s .

  44. Vinyl and CD would be my vote. Looking forward to seeing you in Kingston next month, hopefully playing some of the new album.

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